Individual 1-on-1 Tutorials

Personalised Support.

We understand that there’s no substitute for face-to-face discussion, which is why we offer 1-on-1 tutorials for our students. These individual tutorials consolidate what you work on in our ongoing weekly classes and EPP to ensure that all gaps in your knowledge and understanding are addressed.

How does it work?

Flexible Booking

Our 1-on-1 tutorials are flexible and you may book a session with your tutor whenever you need them. They’re perfect for getting that extra fine-tuning of your approach to an assessment task, or even when you’re stuck on a difficult concept.

Ask a State-Ranker for Advice

During the 1-on-1 tutorial, you are able to get advice and assistance on anything and everything to do with English. This includes essay writing skills, text-specific rubric analysis, conceptual frameworks and exam technique.

Personalised and Tailored

You are also welcome to bring in any of your own work or material for inspection and in-depth discussion. Students are especially encouraged to approach us with their school assessment tasks for thorough deconstruction and response planning.

Book a 1-on-1 Today

In 2018, Delta is offering all trial students a 1-on-1 consultation with a senior academic staff member. Secure your spot by sending in an enquiry now.